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Please check the numbers your serial number starts with:

1810*** - download here: E2_Omap_LG_MFA_v1.2Qg1

1861**** - download here: E2_Omap_LG_MFA_v1.2Qg1

1830**** 1831 - download here: P206=P207_MFA_1.2Qq08t.z

 1826****  - download here: P306=P307_MFA_059Aa08.z

  1880****  - download here: P306=P307_MFA_059Aa08.z

1908**** Platinum 1909 - download here:  P326=P307_MFA_ 060Aa01a.z NEW                      

If your serial number is not listed, it is because there are no updates to your GPS unit.

To update the firmware of your SXblueGPS-GNSS or PLATINUM you must install the RightArm software (download link) on your PC and follow the instructions from this video.

It is necessary to connect the GPS to the PC using the USB cable. If you need the drivers please go here  (download link). 

Before upgrading, check your GPS firmware version according to the table below to make sure you are using the correct version according to your GPS unit's serial number.

For successful installation, you must first install the 32-bit driver and then the 64-bit driver

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