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SXtab rugged tablet

High Precision RTK Antenna

Built-in Multi-Satellite

Endures Harshest Conditions

Multi-frequency GNSS module


A very versatile rugged data collection tablet for ultra-competitive price

It can receive RTK corrections, guaranteeing great accuracy, using either the smart antenna that comes with the tablet, or an external one that can be mounted on a pole. Used with your favorite data collection software, this tablet becomes a real all-in-one solution.


Running Android 7,0 it is compatible with hundreds of applications and is easy to carry around with the fixed hand strap. If you prefer the pole option, the clamp adaptor is available at the bottom of this page if you need one. The pole option allows you to mount an external antenna on top if you are working in areas of high interference.

With your favorite options deployed, you can achieve sub-centimeter accuracy wherever you wish.

Rugged tablet compatible with bluetooth
Tablet for data collection

Items included with your purchase

• Connecting Cable

• Pole Attachment

• Wall Attachment

• A case with a handle

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