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Updated: Apr 12

Atlas® GNSS Global Correction Service Atlas is Hemisphere GNSS’ new GNSS correction service, offering the most innovative correction service available in the industry, providing performance that meets or exceeds that delivered by other industry leaders, at market-leading prices.

Atlas is the most flexible service on the market, delivering its correction signais via L-band satellites or over the internet at accuracies ranging from meter to sub-decimeter levels. With approximately 200 reference stations worldwide and L-band satellites distributing coverage from 75°N to 75°S, all of the earth’s landmass is covered.

Atlas support is being introduced across a wide range of multi-frequency, RTK-capable hardware, including Hemisphere’s Atlaslink™ GNSS smart antenna, H321, P326, P328, R330u, S321, V320, and VS330u. Atlas also supports third-party GNSS receivers via Hemisphere’s innovative Baselink™ and Smartlink™ capabilities.

Systems supporting Atlas utilize Hemisphere’s new Athena™ GNSS engine. Athena often exceeds the performance offered by other industry leaders and provides a future-proof foundation enabling market-defining performance, flexibility, and reliability.

lndustry-Leading Capabilities

Positioning Accuracy: Atlas provides competitive positioning accuracies down to 2 cm RMS in certain applications, often exceeding competitive systems’ capabilities Positioning Sustainability: Cutting-edge position quality maintenance in the absence of correction signais, using Hemisphere’s Tracer™ technology Convergence Time: lndustry-leading convergence times of 10 – 40 minutes Scalable Service Levels Service Level Position Accuracy Hl00 1 m 95% (50 cm RMS) H30 30 cm 95% (15 cm RMS) Hl0 8 cm 95% (4 cm RMS)

Baselink™ Network RTK Augmentation Baselink technology allows Atlas-capable receivers to self-calibrate, self-survey, and automatically manage the transmission of RTK correction data to augment or extend established or new GNSS reference networks in areas of poor internet connectivity.

Smartlink™ Exclusive Agnostic Capability Smartlink technology allows an Atlaslink GNSS smart antenna to be used as an Atlas

Advanced Technology Features aRTK™ Satellite-Based RTK Augmentation Powered by Atlas, the all-new innovative aRTK technology operates on any Atlas-capable device by enabling it to operate with RTK-level accuracy, availability, and reliability when RTK corrections fail. If the unit is Atlas-subscribed, it will continue to operate at the subscribed service level until RTK is restored.

Surefix™ Super Robust RTK Positioning SureFix is Hemisphere’s all-new processor that runs in combination with Athena GNSS engine to provide high-fidelity RTK quality information that results in enhanced and improved RTK accuracy, availability, and guaranteed precision with virtually 100% reliability. The SureFix processor takes several inputs and determines the quality of the RTK solution in the form of quality indicators’. The indicators are then combined with RTK data and provide the user with high-fidelity information about the quality of the RTK solution.

Tracer™ Positioning Sustainability Tracer technology is Hemisphere’s all-new cutting edge position quality maintenance in the absence of correction signais. The feature allows the user to maintain accuracy from meter to sub decimeter-levels, availability, and reliability of the position during correction data outages.   - How Atlas GNSS Global Correction Service Works

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