Omnistar Service

OmniSTAR is a wide-area differential GPS service, using satellite broadcast techniques. For the submeter service, data from many widely-spaced Reference Stations is used in a proprietary multi-site solution over most land areas worldwide. The SXBlue II-L GPS is capable of receiving differential corrections from the Omnistar VBS Service. Contact your local Omnistar representative for service subscription rates for your area or visit for more information.


How it Works


OmniSTAR’s “VBS” sub-meter service generates corrections in each user’s GPS receiver that
are optimized for the user’s location. OmniSTAR-capable L1 GPS receivers output both high
quality RTCM-104 corrections for external use, and differentially corrected Lat/Long/Height in
NMEA format. The Graphic shows how the system operates.


  1. GPS satellites
  2. Multiple OmniSTAR GPS Reference Sites
  3. Send GPS corrections via lease line to
  4. Houston Network Control Center where data corrections are checked and repackaged for uplink to
  5. L- Band Geostationary Satellite
  6. Typical Geostationary L-Band satellite footprint.
  7. Correction data are received and applied real-time


The OmniSTAR HP and XP services operate is a similar manner, but require OmniSTARcapable dual-frequency GPS receivers.


OmniSTAR Regional Coverage Maps, by Satellite


MSV – North America

AMSAT – Central America, South America, Western Africa

AFSAT – Europe, Africa, Middle East

APSAT – Far East, Australasia, Western Pacific, Eastern Africa, Southern Africa, Near East, Central Asia

OCSAT – Australia, New Zealand

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