Receive correction data from Base via Bluetooth, making field work more convenient.

  • Controller software for direct control, can modify frequency and protocol more easily than before.
  • High power, low power consumption and excellent heat dissipation, ensuring longer work distance.
  • 410 MHz – 470 MHz frequency, varied protocols, compatible with different brands’ RTK.

Contact Us

Tel. : (514) 354-2511

Toll free : 1-800-463-4363

Frequency 410 ~470 MHZ
Channel spacing 12.5 KHz / 25 KHz
Input voltage 10.8~15V DC
Dimension 165 mm x 125 mm x 80 mm
Weight 1680 g
Operating temperature -40~+85°C
Storage temperature -45~+90°C
UHF antenna TNC
Data interface 5pin
Output power 10w/30w (12.5V input)
Power stability ± 1dB
Adjacent channel inhibition >50dB
Sensitivity Better than – 116dBm@BER, 10-5, 9600bps
Common channel suppression >-12dB
Blocking >70dB
Adjacent channel selectivity >52dB@25KHz
Stray immunity >55dB
Air rate 9600bps, 19200bps
Modulation method GMSK
Protocol Trim Talk 450S
Tim Talk I
TrimMask III

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