The HX-DU1603D is a lightweight, ruggedized UHF receiver designed for digital radio communications between 410 and 470 MHz in either 12.5 or 25 kHz channels, which can be widely used in GNSS/RTK surveying and GNSS precise positioning system.

HX-DU1603D is equipped with a Bluetooth transceiver for cable-free communications with external devices. Meanwhile, HX-DU1603D is equipped with a display screen, you can set the parameters by the button on the radio, which is easy to operate and use.


  • Bluetooth enabled: Cable-free communications with external devices such as GNSS receivers.
  • Equipped with a 1.9 inches Display Screen: Support the frequency, protocols, power display, serial port baud rate, air baud rate, etc. display and switchover.
  • 60MHz Bandwidth Coverage 410-470 MHz bands: Advanced data link design for high performance over entire band.
  • Internal Rechargeable Battery: Capacity as high as 6800mAh.
  • Configurable Transmit Power: Support for 0.5 w, 2 w power switching.
  • Software-Derived Channel Bandwidt: Compatible with both 12.5 and 25 kHz radios.
  • High environmental Capabilities: Waterproof to IP67

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Data/Power 1 RS-232 port ,5pin
Power Requirements
Internal 6800 mAH Li-ion rechargeable battery
Input Voltage Range 6-9VDC
During RX 1.0Watts normal@7.5V DC
Frequency range 410~470MHz
Operating mode Half-duplex
Channel spacing 25KHz, 12.5KHz
Modulation type GMSK
Operation voltage 7.5V
Power dissipation (Typical) High power level 8.5W@7.5V DC
Low power level 3.5W@ 7.5V DC
Frequency stability ≤±1.0ppm
Size 150×83×31mm
Weight About 560g
Temperature (operation) -30℃~+65℃
Temperature (storage) -40℃~+85℃
Antenna port TNC,female
Antenna impedance 50ohm
Data interface 5Pin
Charging Time 8h
Continuous Working Period 8h
Stand-by Time 35h
RF output power High level(2W) 33±0.5dBm@D C 7.5V
Low level(0.5W) 27±1dBm@DC7.5V
Power stability ±1dB
Harmonics >50dB
Sensitivity -114dBm@BER 10-3,9600bps
Adjacent channel selectivity >50dB@25KHz
Air baud rate 9600bps, 19200bps
Modulation type GMSK
Serial port baud rate 9600 bps, 19200 bps, 38400bps, 57600 bps, 115200 bps
Bluetooth Specification
Bluetooth Core 2.0, 2.1
Bluetooth antenna Internal  Onboard Antenna
Profiles Serial  Port Profile

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