USB Drivers | v2.06.00 | All Windows 32-Bit

USB Drivers for All Windows 32-Bit

USB Drivers | v2.06.00 | All Windows amd 64-Bit

USB Drivers for Windows 64 Bit

USB Drivers | v1.1.0.2 | WinMobile6 x86

USB Drivers for windows mobile6 x86

USB Drivers | v1.1.0.2 | WinMobile6 ARM XScale

USB Drivers for Winows mobile 6 ARM XScale

USB Drivers | v1.1.0.2 | Win CE60 x86

USB Drivers for Win CE60 x86

USB Drivers | v1.1.0.2 | Win CE60 ARM XScale

USB Drivers for Win CE60 ARM XScale

USB Drivers | v2.08.28 | Windows 8

USB Drivers for Windows 8

Rinex Converter Setup | v1.3 | Mobile version

Rinex Converter Setup for Mobile version

SXblue Series User Manual General

SXblue Series User Manual General


for SXblue & iSXblue

SXBlue Server Manual

SXBlue Server Manual

SXPad Manual

SXPad Manual

Using Geneq FieldGenius on SXPro

Geneq FieldGenius Quick Start Guide for SXPro Handheld Data Collectors

SXPad 800H Manual

SXPad 800H Manual

Field Genius – User Manual

Field Genius - User Manual

SXpad 800H Configuration

SXpad 800H GPS and SIM Card Setup

SXpad 1000P Configuration

SXpad 1000P GPS and SIM Card Setup

Bluetooth connection using Windows 10

Bluetooth connection using Windows 10

Windows 10 and USB connection with GNSS device

Windows 10 and USB connection with GNSS device

SXBlue RTN Setup | v2.0 | All Windows 32-Bit and 64-Bit

SXBlue RTN Setup | v2.0 | All Windows 32-Bit and 64-Bit

SXBlue RTN Setup | v1.4.0 | Mobile version

Mobile version for the latest setup SXBlue RTN

SXBlue Config Setup | v3.5.16 | Mobile version

SXBlue Config Setup for Mobile version

SXBlue HPSeed PC Setup | v1.2.4852 | All Windows 32-Bit

SXBlue HPSeed PC Setup for Windows 32-Bit

SXBlue HPSeed Setup | v1.1 | Mobile Version

SXBlue HPSeed Setup for Mobile Version

SXBlue Mirror

SXBlue Mirror





isxblue-view SDK


Firmware update for (i)SXBlue 2 GNSS and SXBlue 2+GNSS receivers 18/03

Serial Number from xxxxxx-18300000 to xxxxxx-18319999

Firmware update for (i)SXBlue 3 GNSS and SXBlue 3+GNSS receivers 18/03

Serial Number from xxxxxx-18800000 to xxxxxx-18819999

G10 – User Manual

G10- User Manual

G10 Configuration

G10 Configuration Web Interface

G10 and SXpad 800H Configuration

G10 and SXpad 800H setup FieldGenius

G10 Firmware Upgrade

G10 and GNSS board Firmware Upgrade

G10 Tilt Calibration

G10 Tilt Calibration

G10 and SXpad 1000P Configuration

G10 and SXpad 1000P setup using FieldGenius

Module 1 – G10 Parts and Configuration

G10 and Sxpad 800H Parts and Configuration

Firmware of G10’s Internal radio

Firmware of G10's Internal radio

Press Release SXblue PREMIER

Press Release SXblue PREMIER

For FieldGenius Software demo and licence:

Go to Download Page

In this section you will find our drivers and utilities facilities for SXBlue receivers Series GPS / GNSS.
 SXBlue GPS USB Drivers  SXBlue Config
  The USB drivers for the SXBlue II and SXBlue III GPS series are available for all Windows 32-bit, Windows AMD 64-bit, Windows CE and Windows Mobile (windows CE and Windows Mobile versions require a USB host controller on your PDA). SXBlue Config allows for the configuration and monitoring of the SXBlue GPS receivers. It also allows to log NMEA messages and Raw data. Available for Windows 2000/XP/7 (both 32-bit and 64-bit) and for Windows Mobile 6.x.
 SXBlue RTN  SXBlue HPSeed
  SXBlue RTN is a free NTrip client that allows the SXBlue GPS receivers to use RTK/DGPS corrections from a network within your own field data collection software. SXBlue RTN connects to the Internet to receive differential corrections either via the standard NTrip protocol or to a Direct IP address server. It uses only one communication port with the SXBlue GPS to both send the corrections and receive the NMEA messages. A virtual COM port is created on your computer to allow your software to receive RTK corrected positions. Available for Windows and Windows Mobile.   SXBlue HPSeed has been designed to help speed up the convergence time required to achieve decimeter accuracy when using the SXBlue III-L GPS with the OmniSTAR HP service (subfoot with the XP service). SXBlue HPSeed stores seeding points either manually or by averaging your GPS location; if convergence is lost, these points allow to achieve a faster re-initialization time. SXBlue HPSeed creates a virtual COM port on your PC, thus allowing the use of any field data collection software while providing you with important information on your SXBlue III-L GPS tracking and differential status. Available for Windows (2000/XP/7 32-bit only and for Windows Mobile 6.x).
 RINEX Converter  SXBlue Server
RINEX Converter is a free utility to convert SXBlue GPS receivers' raw binary data to standard RINEX 2.1 format. Data can be collected with the SXBlue Config software or any other software capable of recording binary files. Available for Windows 2000/XP/7 both 32-bit and 64-bit) and for Windows Mobile 6.x.  AboutCaster ConnectionServer Status   SXBlue Server runs on the range of OS WINDOWS 98/XP/2000/7 . It manages two Port serial inputs which can then be routed simultaneously to a NTRIP caster and / or integrated DIRECT IP server. The mirror mode allows to redirect TCP / IP gateway to customers, which opens the possibility of using mobile GPS references transmitting their corrections via GPRS / EDGE . It is not mandatory to have a fixed IP address to use UtlsServer, it monitors its IP address and knows to notify you of any changes thereof . Terminal mode is available to check the outputs / GPS receivers and to configure them if they accept remote configuration it is also possible to send from a ground terminal. The package also contains SXBlue RTN allows you to connect to the server to receive GPS corrections and redirect them to a serial port. This utility runs on Windows Mobile, WINDOWS CE, WINDOWS XP with . NET 1.1 pack) . SXBlue Mirror MirrorSXBlue Mirror is a free utility that allows an SXBlue base station to be installed in the field and use the Mirror mode of the SXBlue Server to allow a DIP connection from an SXBlue rover. As there are many free applications available on the Internet for Windows, this utility was only designed to support Windows Mobile 6.x..
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