“SXblue Platinum, In the Field
It was finally time to get bundled up and test the SXBlue Platinum in nature. Not only to test the functionality, but with the recent -20c outside, to test the device in a traditional Canadian winter…”
A testimonial by the SpatialTimes blogger Bryan McIntosh about our Ultimate Survey Grade GNSS Receiver the SXblue Platinum!
Learn more: http://www.spatialtimes.com/2018/02/sxblue-platinum-field



“The SXBLUE II + GPS has been the easiest GPS Receiver I have used in the 16 years I have been working in GIS/GPS. No elaborate configuring required. Just plug and play.”
May 29th, 2017


10“Initially, a number of DGPS options were tested, and WAAS proved to penetrate our forest canopy type the best. Short outages do occur, but the technology in the SXBlue GPS allows our operations to continue virtually uninterrupted.”

J.D. Irving Ltd., New Brunswick, CANADA


“Our field efficiency has drastically increased due to reliable reception and ease of use…office productivity also increased because of real-time correction.”

American Forest Management, USA

“We have completed 1500km stock route survey for 5m resolution imagery geo-referencing using the pair of SXBlue II-L GPS with VBS signal from Omnistar. We were conquered by the ease of use, the portability, the accuracy of the receiver along with the performance and the reliability of the Omnistar VBS signal.”

Layi Arinola, ArinMap Consultants Ltd., NIGERIA


“For our current mandate to deploy the FTTH (Fiber To The Home) network in France, we have carefully selected the SXBlue II GPS as our field data collection receivers. This stand-alone solution proved to be very accurate in realtime with EGNOS while offering an incomparable price quality ratio! Adding to a great ease of use in the field, we also benefit from a very high level of after sales support.”

Jean-Marc Congré Axione (a division of Bouygues Construction), FRANCE


The SXBlue II GPS is, to my opinion, the best DGPS solution on the market today. We can constantly rely on a submeter position to map our High Power Transmission Line Pylons. We also use the SXBlue II to map our access roads in record time, directly into our GIS on a tablet PC. Simply outstanding!

Hydro-Quebec, TransEnergie Division, Quebec, CANADA


“We foresters need to carry so many equipments like calipers, various surveying equipments, box lunch and water to drink etc. SXBlue II is very compact and easy to carry in Forestry environment. We believe the SXBlue II is a de-facto standard MSAS DGPS receiver for Japanese foresters.”

Gifu Federation of Forest Cooperatives, JAPAN


“We tested against post-processing units in some of the toughest forestry environments we know of. We are extremely pleased with the SXBlue and its performance with WAAS.”

State of Pennsylvania, USA


“Four years ago, we started out using low-end WAAS receivers, but after 60 days we switched to mapping-grade WAAS receivers due to accuracy problems. 225,000 poles and four years later, we are still using the same SXBlue GPS receivers.”

Portland General Electric, Oregon, USA


“We have been using our SXBlue II GPS units for almost a year now. Compared to the more expensive GPS products we had in the past, the SXBlue has boosted us to a productivity level we did not expect. Working in both open areas and under forest canopy in Northern Alberta, we have not only saved money in purchasing these receivers but also in man hours with very little downtime due to poor satellite tracking. We have also experienced the benefits of clean realtime differentially corrected streams of data directly into our GIS.”

Alberta Plywood Ltd. (a subsidiary of West Fraser Mills Ltd.), Alberta, CANADA


“Approximately 500 facilities were mapped using a Bluetooth, submeter WAAS GPS and a Windows Mobile data collector. Wireless technology eliminated connectivity problems and the SXBlue GPS had Coast technology, consistently giving us submeter, real-time results, even in areas that had poor WAAS visibility.”

State of Minnesota, USA


“We incorporate the Geneq SXBlue II GPS in our GPS-Log Data System for coaching racing drivers. For our application Bluetooth is necessary to make the system quickly transferable from race car to race car. On some cars – with solid mounted engines running at high RPMs – vibration can’t be avoided but the SXBlue II copes without a problem, plus the long battery life allows us to use the system for a full day’s testing without interruption. Most importantly, though, the SXBlue II gives us the positional accuracy we need to plot subtle differences in racing line, plus display in-car data in real time with EGNOS which gives our drivers instant feedback on speed and split times at key points around the race track.”

Eugene O’Brien Racing School, UNITED KINGDOM


“Signal reliability is probably 95%. Great reception along a forest road. A differentially-corrected file with no post-processing. That is a HUGE timesaver.”

US Forest Service, USA


“We have been using the SXBlue GPS for about two years to get coordinates of our permanent research plots in the forests of Central Europe. There has not been any problem to get a good signal even under dense forest canopy using EGNOS. This unit has a very high quality/price ratio.”

Czech University of Life Sciences, Faculty of Forestry and Environment, CZECH REPUBLIC

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