The SXBlue III-L GNSS is a palm-sized receiver that delivers worldwide, real-time sub-decimeter accuracy using GPS and GLONASS satellites with OmniSTAR’s G2 or HP service. Its battery-powered, lightweight design makes it an ideal choice for applications that require 10cm accuracy in real-time such as agriculture, engineering, mining, utilities, surveying, GIS, and others at a price you can afford. The SXBlue III-L GNSS is also capable of traditional RTK and post-processing for 1cm accuracy.

Go Real-Time, All the Time, Anywhere in the World!
The SXBlue III-L GNSS uses innovative technology that fits dual frequency GPS, GLONASS, OmniSTAR, SBAS and RTK Network signals in the palm of your hand. You get 118 channels of proven high accuracy real-time performance in a rugged, lightweight design. In addition to OmniSTAR’s G2/HP/XP/VBS service, the SXBlue III-L GNSS also supports RTK base and rover configuration when 1cm real-time accuracy is required. Aside from OmniSTAR and RTK, you also have the option of using L1 SBAS (WAAS, EGNOS, MSAS, GAGAN) for sub-meter mapping that the SXBlue series has built its reputation on. Having the choice of OmniSTAR G2/HP/XP/VBS, L1/L2 RTK or L1 SBAS for real-time mapping provides you with the flexibility that no other unit of this size and price can offer you.

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With the addition of GLONASS to OmniSTAR’s service, it significantly increases the number of satellites available, which improves your productivity. Convergence is three times faster than GPS alone and you’re able to work more productively in GPS-challenging environment.

Worldwide Real-Time Accuracy with
OmniSTAR offers worldwide over-the-air correction services via a subscription.
The SXBlue III-L GNSS is capable of achieving 10cm accuracy using the OmniSTAR’s G2 and HP services, 15cm with OmniSTAR’s XP service and submeter with the OmniSTAR’s VBS service. The VBS service can be used in areas where free SBAS signal is not available. It is also ideal in all applications where submeter is sufficient. New technology employed by the SXBlue III-L GNSS allows it to use both GPS and GLONASS satellites for sub-meter, real-time mapping using SBAS, making it ideal for a full-day DGPS work even under forest canopy.

Real-Time 1cm Accuracy with RTK using GPS and GLONASS
When you require 1cm horizontal and vertical accuracy, the SXBlue III-L + GNSS offers optional support for RTK (Real- Time Kinematic). If an RTK network is available in your area, you may activate the RTK Rover option on your SXBlue III-L GNSS and connect to the network via a wireless link to achieve 1cm accuracy within seconds. The SXBlue III-L GNSS also features the option to be used as an RTK base station to output standard and proprietary formats such as RTCM 3.x, ROX and CMR.

Work in More Places than Ever Before
We have heard it over and over. Once you start using GLONASS, you will be addicted. By using GLONASS satellites, your productivity immediately improves. With both GPS and GLONASS satellites, you will have nearly twice as many satellites in view, meaning you will not have to wait for the accuracy you want.

Key Features:
The convergence time is 3 times faster with the G2 service

Get 10cm accuracy using OmniSTAR’s HP service and 20cm using G2/XP services.

1cm RTK accuracy (optional) Rugged, waterproof

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