The SXBlue II-L GPS is a compact, real-time receiver that delivers true submeter performance every second to your application. Its integrated lightweight design makes it the ideal choice for a variety of industry applications including GIS, Forestry, Mining, Utilities, Agriculture, Survey and Environmental, at a price you can afford.

Go Real-time, All the Time!
The SXBlue II-L GPS uses innovative technology that delivers sub-meter accuracy in real-time, all the time. There is no need for post-processing or a beacon receiver when WAAS, EGNOS, MSAS, or GAGAN are available. Furthermore, the SXBlue II-L GPS was designed to use Omnistar®’s VBS service anywhere in the world. Even in forestry applications and other difficult mapping environments where GPS reception is limited, the SXBlue II-L GPS is designed to keep working and deliver the DGPS accuracy you need all day long.



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Accuracy and Productivity in One
The SXBlue II-L GPS takes real-time accuracy a step further. Its accurate code phase measurements and leading edge multipath mitigation delivers sub-60 cm (2dRMS, 95% confidence) positioning. With its superior tracking performance and innovative real-time positioning, that means no downtime even in harshest conditions, the SXBlue II-L GPS maximizes your productivity by working directly within your GIS framework (ESRI, Autodesk, CMT, Integraph, MapInfo, TDS, etc.) both in the field and the office.

A Long Term Solution
Add a field computer that suits your application, an off-the-shelf software of your choice, and the SXBlue II-L GPS becomes the heart of a modular solution you can grow with. In today’s rapidly evolving technologies, its unique multi-port interface (fully independent Bluetooth, USB, RS-232 ports) helps to protect your long term investment by always allowing the use of up-to-date computer hardware, operating system and software.

The SXBlue II-L GPS can also evolve with your needs with its optional features:

  • 20Hz output rates
  • Base Station (standard RTCM-104 output)
  • Proprietary RTCM for sub-30cm accuracy
  • Single Frequency Real-time Kinematic
    (RTK) for cm level accuracy
  • Carrier Phase for post-processed cm level accuracy


Key Features

  • Sub-60cm, 2dRMS real-time performance
  • Multi-port interface (Bluetooth, USB, RS-232)
  • Rugged and Waterproof design
  • Integrated Li-Ion battery pack for 9+ hours autonomy
    (10 + hours with Bluetooth switch off)
  • Battery fuel gauge
  • Compact and lightweight
  • RoHS compliant


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