The powerful Field & Office dual-operation. GPS – GIS – Survey – Contour – Volume – Coordinate Geometry CAD software integrated into one package! Data-correction – Navigation – Stakeout

Convenience and Power
PC-Mapper is designed for Windows XP/Vista, supporting full 32-bit color and multi-media using microsoft’s OLE. Run multiple jobs and functions on one computer. Use the same pen-based or notebook computer to meet all your Field & Office needs.


GPS/GIS data collection
Collect features / attributes / values with maps and aerial photos in the background.

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High precision applications
Use with GPS to generate accurate Contour Maps and compute Cut and Fill Volumes in the field; Point, Offset and Slope Stakeout of road designs.


Interactive navigation
Track your real-time position in relation to Maps and Georeferenced imagery. Navigate along a pre-defined route or select any destination on-the-fly.


Easy to learn and use
The same software is used in the Field and in the Office. Eliminate wasted time transfering data between Field System and Office Systems.


Supported Import/Export Formats
• RINEX format
• Intergraph® DGN format
• AutoCAD® DXF format
• ESRI® ARC/INFO format
• ASCII format
• EPA MAD format
• TIF, JPG, BMP format
• Geo TIFF format
• Microsoft® OLE and ODBC


Field inspection with digital camera
Mark digital images with features / attributes / values / GPS positions. Integrate digital image with field inspection information. This unique feature adds a new dimension to traffic sign, hydrant and pavement inspection.


Real-time navigation and correction – Support L1 (RTCM-104), L1/L2 real-time kinematic (RTK), and On0the-fly (OTF) initialization.
Feature / attributes / value mapping and data collection
Point / offset / slope stakeout. Traverse & offset to continue mapping when GPS signals are unavailable
Link digital photography and video to feature for inspection
Real-time coordinate system conversion – LLA, NEZ, SPC, UTM and user-defined coordinate Geometry CAD, contour / volume functions on demand.


Office GPS/GIS
Full range of single & dual frequency differential correction options: C/A code, Static phase.
Point spread analysis. Statistical quality control.
User-friendly image georeferencing / rotation / translation, average, join, split, and other utilities.
Supports ODBC for import / export to dBase, Excel, Access
Heads-up digitizing of new features with simple mouse clicks and professional map plotting.
Search & cliassify data, calculate lengths & areas with a mouse click, automatically label based on attributes / values

Impressive visual tools enhance your data with raster images (TIF, JPG, BMP) and multi-media objects.

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